Mother and daughter team inspire beautiful places to be – designing both interior and garden spaces.

Our Story


Joanne has 28 years experience in the interior design industry.  At first working for a renowned Interior Designer for a few years, then diversifying into supplying beautiful fabrics for the trade;  in particular representing Jim Thompson’s Thai Silk Company.  This evolved into sourcing and selling a range of fabrics that quickly became a well-known supplier to the trade in South Africa.  After a decade as a supplier, Joanne shifted focus to decorating,  following through to a more completed vision of her creativity.  She enjoys the one-on-one interaction with her clients and the intimacy of finding the right things for the person as well as the space.

In 2012, Joanne extended her understanding of design to her love for gardening and studied Landscape Design.  She won Platinum for her final show garden as well as the prestigious Rand Water prize for Waterwise Gardening, something she is very passionate about.

As an interior designer and landscape designer, together with her interests in fashion design, fine art and photography, Joanne sees every space as an opportunity to create something beautiful.


Michaela comes from a family seeped in design- from artists to architects as well as a grandmother that is a famed Interior Designer. Having grown up with design all around her, it has been a natural progression that her own innate passion would find a foothold. After completing a Bcom degree at UCT,  Michaela had the privilege to spend four months in New York City working for Global Design Strategies New York that specialized in high-end real estate development. Upon returning to Johannesburg in mid 2016, Michaela joined Westhouse & Garden.  Honing her skills through UCT Interior Design online and that of City & Guilds of London in Kitchen, Bathroom and Cupboard design,  she is truly following her passion for creativity and innovation.